Why are Muslims Flocking to Land of ‘Infidels’?

I have questions. In every place Muslims have arrived in large numbers, they begin to establish areas that become known as “no-go zones” – places that are, in effect, small Muslim “countries.” This is not simply an issue to be thrown into yesterday’s news file as, according to a recently leaked secret document, there are estimates that by the end of December 2015, in Germany or Scandinavia, France or the U.K., there were 1.5 million mostly Muslim illegals.

These “non-Muslims-enter-at-your-own-risk” areas are inhabited, controlled, patrolled and dominated by Muslims, with Shariah law (not local ordinances) becoming the law of the land in those areas.

According to my understanding, as soon as they “escape” Muslim-dominated countries for freedom and economic opportunity, they immediately begin to establish the exact conditions they fled to find “freedom.”

Here are a few of my questions: If Muslims are leaving Islamic-dominated countries for Western civilization, why are they subsequently demanding Islamic Shariah law and customs? If they love their customs so much, why are they flocking to the land of the “infidels”?

In other words, why are Muslims fleeing Islamic-dominated lands to re-establish Islamic-dominated areas in non-Islamic-dominated regions? Isn’t the rule of thumb, “We are leaving here to find a different place because we don’t like it here”? If Muslims love Shariah law and Islamic customs so much, why are they not flooding into Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iran, Iraq and Syria, where these customs abound, instead of France, England, Germany and the United States?

I have often stated in private, and not so private, conversations that a major part of the problem in the West is that we have no idea what life is like in Muslim-dominated countries. I have also on many occasions stated that American children should not graduate at after 12th grade but 13th grade. Grade 13 would subsequently be spent in a Middle Eastern country of their choice (excluding Israel, which is too much like America) at the job and income level of whatever their father or mother does for a living in America.

What do they pay non-professional day laborers in Muslim countries? How do they treat women in these countries? What happens to a girl who gets pregnant out of wedlock? How easy is it to get a wife there? What kind of civil rights are indigenous to citizens in most Muslim societies?

After spending a year there, living at the income level their father’s skill level would generate, and having acquired the knowledge of life under Islamic law versus the law of our American republic, political correctness would vanish into thin air in light of their new-found perspective.

A major part of the problem here is that most Americans have only one standard of measurement: life in America. We talk about poverty in America, and there is a movement to raise minimum wage to $15 per hour. What are the refugees escaping in their Muslim homelands? Here is only one unreported example, the minimum wage.

Saudi Arabia (which takes in hundreds of billions of dollars in oil revenues) has the highest paid workers: $720 per month. Following is how a few others stack up per month: Libya, $327; Jordan, $288; Iran, $215; Iraq, $214; and Morocco pays its agricultural workers $1.50 per day, while Qatar pays $0 minimum wage. You’re on your own, baby.

Do you hear of riots and demonstrations taking place against employers in any of these countries? Can you even begin to imagine what would happen if the minimum wage anywhere in the West, and especially in America, dropped to $1.50 per day ($45 per month)? Let’s be generous: How about a whopping $327 a month? The poorest people in America are rich compared to ordinary citizens in the aforementioned countries.

Ask several European countries about the results of their open-border policies. This from the headlines of several European newspaper articles:

  • Muslim raping of women epidemic in refugee camps
  • The big list of Muslim sex attacks gets bigger
  • Criticize Muslim rapes? “You’re a bigot!”
  • Rape jihad shows Germany is no longer German
  • Germany sex attack suspects from Syria
  • Germany covering up crimes committed by migrants
  • Muslim refugee charged with raping 10-year-old girl

Some are actually accusing Americans of being “barbaric” for not allowing this flood of Islamic men of fighting age into our country, so, we open our borders to them? As we can see from the current situations evolving in European and Scandinavian countries, we, like they, would be putting the peace and safety of America at risk. It must be remembered, the ultimate aim of Islam is world domination and the imposition of Shariah law – and you cannot know what that is like until you have been to places dominated by Islam.

As a member of the U.S. armed forces, I spent almost five years in three Muslim-dominated countries – Libya, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. When I landed at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey after my third assignment in the Middle East – and this was back in the day when segregation was the law of the land in the U.S. – I got off that airplane, knelt down, kissed the ground and said, “God Bless America!”

Have you ever wondered what African-Americans want, and why they vote Democratic? Do you know how slavery actually began in America? Ben Kinchlow’s best-selling book “Black Yellowdogs” breaks race and politics down in black and white. Get your copy today!

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The Moral Dilemma of the Refugee Crisis

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates recently told the BBC that the United States “should set a better example” by taking in more refugees. Gates said his home country “had the capacity” to follow the examples of Germany and Sweden, which were “to be congratulated” for welcoming migrants.”

Apparently, Mr. Gates was not aware of some of the headlines in German newspapers regarding migrants flooding into these countries.

Headlines such as these are becoming routine across Europe:

1) Muslim male “refugees” are gang raping women in Europe;
2) Germany shocked by Cologne New Year gang assaults on women;
3) Germany: 1,000 Muslims commit mass sexual assaults of women around Cologne train station

“German police have described a series of sexual assaults against women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve as ‘a completely new dimension of crime.’”

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich reported:

“Germany is facing a type of rape epidemic as progressive politicians continue to allow thousands of refugees, many of whom are military aged males, into the country. During the New Year’s Eve celebrations in the city of Cologne, dozens of Muslim men allegedly participated in rape mobs. They surrounded young women, touched them, raped them and stole their wallets and cell phones. Tensions surrounding how the situation is being handled are rising by the day.”

From ABC News:

Such activity in Germany has “fueled debate about the country’s ability to integrate large numbers of migrants, after police said that men who targeted dozens of women in the western city of Cologne appeared to be of “Arab or North African origin.”

From the New York Times:

“Two weeks ago the New York Times ran a story about the need to host classes in Norway and Denmark for Muslim men new to the country. The topic? Rape is wrong and unacceptable. The German region of Bavaria, the main entry point to Germany for asylum seekers, is already experimenting with such classes at a shelter for teenage migrants …”

According to one expert quoted by the Times, “Many refugees come from cultures that are not gender equal and where women are the property of men. We have to help them adapt to their new culture.”

All of this brings us back to Mr. Gates’ assertion that more Muslims should be allowed to migrate to America. Apparently, he is unaware of some extremely relevant comments by some Founding Fathers vis-a-vis America.

President John Adams said to the Massachusetts Militia in 1798: “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. … Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

The John Adams Center explains, “Because the American republic is a free republic, therefore, it was designed for a religious people.”

In 1776, Adams wrote, “[I]t is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand.”

It is in this context that we understand Adams, who had predicted the fall of the French Revolution in 1790 when he said, “I know not what to make of a republic of 30 million atheists.”

President George Washington said much the same thing in his Farewell Address: “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. … And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion.”

Let me reiterate: It is a grave mistake, made by many, to think everyone thinks like we think –”we” being the people in Western cultures who have a tendency to judge the non-Western world according to our standards.

Ask the European countries why they are having to instruct the flood of immigrant men on how not to act toward women. Behavior we take for granted is apparently foreign to the Middle-Eastern men flooding the streets of Germany and France and other European countries.

According to the New York Times, Henry Ove Berg, who was Stavanger’s (Norway) police chief during the spike in rape cases, said he supported providing migrant sex education because “people from some parts of the world have never seen a girl in a miniskirt, only in a burqa.”

“When they get to Norway,” he added, “something happens in their heads.”

Two things must be firmly fixed and kept in mind. First, when the Founders spoke of religion, they were expressly and specifically referring to biblical Christianity. Secondly, the foundation of Western civilization is specifically the transcendent principles articulated throughout the Bible, not “religion” in general.

Absent the founding biblical principles of Western civilization, there are no universal standards of right and wrong – as evidenced by what is happening in the Middle East and European countries presently experiencing a flood of immigrants.

If you remove, judicially or otherwise, the basic biblical principles we take for granted in the West, how do you define anything as right or wrong?

Have you ever wondered what African-Americans want, and why they vote Democratic? Do you know how slavery actually began in America? Ben Kinchlow’s best-selling book “Black Yellowdogs” breaks race and politics down in black and white. Get your copy today!

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Here we are now with ISIS running amok in the Middle East and multiple dictators eliminated – Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi and maybe soon even Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. Mr. Rogers they were not, but now we have opened the door for a terrorist organization that defies imagination. Why is this?

It is clearly evident that fomenting the earlier “Arab Spring” and subsequently replacing Middle East dictators, all designed to supposedly establish new democratic forms of government there, didn’t exactly work, despite the earlier reassurances from many experts in the West. The Western intelligentsia entertained high hopes for these new democratic forms of government. Everyone imagined a balanced and civil existence in that part of the world – between two Muslim factions who have hated each other, and warred against each other, for centuries?

In the West in general, and America in particular, we are accustomed to living in what are mistakenly called “democracies.” Despite the clamor for the same in the Middle East, the truth of the matter is, democracies simply can’t work in countries like Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.

The reasons are relatively simple; first and foremost, the inhabitants of these nations lack a pre-eminent virtue necessary to sustain a democratic form of government: individual self-governance. Self-governance is “the act of governing or exercising authority over one’s self.” The concept that people should be free to govern themselves is an incomprehensible truth to many. Secondly, the majority of these populations have no idea of even the concept of a democratic form of government.

The foundations of the freedoms enjoyed by the West are what we know as Judeo-Christian values, an integral and essential part of self-governance. Absent these values, what are the stepping stones to launch a revolutionary leap to something as radical as individual self-government?

Those countries where these perspectives are not an integral part of the societal and political infrastructure are prime candidates for dictatorships, as history demonstrates and an objective view of almost any political map will substantiate.

Pundits, experts and commentators who have forecast the dawn of a new Middle East full of democracies assume that people – who for decades (and in some case, centuries) have not only been subject to, but have in fact been active participants in their own subjugation – will immediately begin thinking and acting like “Westerners” who, for centuries, have never known anything but freedom.

The freedoms inherent in our Western forms of government are based on 1) the value of the individual and 2) responsible self-government. This implies individual responsibility. Without the diligent and consistent application of these principles, which, with the exception of Israel, are almost completely unknown in almost all Middle Eastern cultures, democracy and any variant thereof cannot survive.

The word that is probably thrown about more and understood less than any other word on the current political landscape is democracy. Hopeful, warm, comforting rhetoric to the contrary, democracy is, essentially, mob rule. There are no examples of a pure democracy in existence today because pure democracies simply don’t work. One of the most vivid demonstrations of this conflict of democracy is the French Revolution.

Certainly, the French monarchy of that day cannot be defended, but neither can the wild excesses of the democratic mobs carrying out guillotine justice. The consequences of failing to distinguish between a democracy and a republic leads almost immediately to a violent crisis.

The purpose of a republic is to allow for a cooling off period, a time to debate and consider the merits of any particular person or position. A true democracy, on the other hand, lacks this time of introspection and proceeds immediately to implementation, often by force. Absent the time for review and/or debate, a people can easily end up with a ruthless dictator in power.

Herein lies the genius of the American system. Individuals, elected as representatives – public servants – are given restricted powers and limited governing powers for designated amounts of time. These public servants, to continue to serve, must prove their commitment and adherence to the values of the self-governing individuals who elected them.

The most effective, efficient, stable, successful form of government for the greatest number of people in the last two centuries has not been a democracy, but the American republic. The secret? A majority of self-governing individuals, freely, openly and peacefully debating the issues and, without restraint, voting their consciences and moral values. Absent that, democracy can’t work. What we are witnessing now in the Middle East is evident of this truth.

Have you ever wondered what African-Americans want, and why they vote Democratic? Do you know how slavery actually began in America? Ben Kinchlow’s best-selling book “Black Yellowdogs” breaks race and politics down in black and white. Get your copy today!

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As I contemplate 2016, a new year full of unknowns for us all, and consider writing future columns, I was inspired to revisit many of the incredible emails I have received over the years in response to prior columns. These responses convey the well-thought-out perspectives of many who care for the well-being and future of America:

Here are what some had to offer:

  • I am intelligence analyst and I bang my head on my desk daily when I hear people talk about how Islam can co-exist with the Western form of civilization.
  • I’m glad you’re out here trying to set the record straight on racism. (By the way, I’m white.) Unfortunately, for a few, racism has become a cash cow as well as a way to exploit black people for their own power grab. It’s just another form of slavery.
  • At long last, someone who understands that democracy can’t work in all those Arab countries.
  • The current administration knows what they are doing; the State Department knows that the end result is the rule of fundamental Islam.
  • The American republic is only a success to the degree that we follow Christian doctrine and obey God the Father’s laws.
  • Today we are watching a betrayal of Israel and a rapid falling of America into a 4th-world nation status.
  • Great article that exposes the fundamental liberal concepts that emphasize surface values but not a change in heart.
  • I think once a people decide to turn their back on God, their ability to tell truth from fantasy goes right out the window.
  • Your concept of self-governance being necessary as the foundation of any government is a real gem. How America needs to grasp the bigger picture! Indeed, it is basic to wisdom.
  • It has been shocking how “in your face” these leftist politicians have been and made even more so with the bought-and-paid-for media slaves.
  • Even though we lose in this age, what we do in His will find reward in the next.
  • Who decides what’s right and wrong? A truly wonderful question.
  • Why do black “leaders” and teachers fail to instruct young blacks on the information contained in your column? Do they really care more about power than truth?
  • Thanks for commonsense. It’s sad that has to be thanked these days, but we are mesmerized with fools. Keep it up. America needs saving.
  • Hopefully rational opinions like yours will get more air time and we will be able to slow the racial baiting that, unfortunately, even our president participates in.
  • All we need is faith in God and the willingness to again see one another, one and all, as just plain Americans.
  • This is really about bureaucrats who want all security but no responsibility.
  • Just downloaded your “Black Yellow Dogs” book. As a white man, I never gave any thought until now that maybe there’s been some revisionist history going on here concerning slavery.
  • I am glad to see you are stating some facts to our brothers. We as Christians must vote as how God see things based upon the Bible. God is clearly dividing people to find out where loyalties are, with God or with man.
  • We should do our best to go back to the basic ideals of our Constitution (which was clearly based on many of the precepts in God’s word). The Constitution brings American ideals together based on sound, basic principles of equal opportunity rather than splintering people according to unalterable things such as skin color, gender, sexual preference, etc. into self-serving shibboleths wielded by politicians for their own personal gain.
  • There will be national repentance, or there will be national death.
  • Thank you for sharing biblically sound truth from your heart.
  • I am concerned that all of us are becoming slaves to a government grown too large and powerful, in great part because our citizens have allowed it to happen. Perhaps we are witnessing Bible prophesy being fulfilled.
  • Before we point a finger at other nations or peoples to justify ourselves (and our causes), we should remember our ancestors (all races) enslaved one another. It was part of life. It was reality, but it was wrong. The irony is it is now being used to divide people who could otherwise come together to truly bring about change in the world.
  • I don’t understand how we’ve come to a point as a nation with so much divisiveness and hatred. Selfishness and ungodliness seem to rule today.
  • We need to realize that abandoning Israel in spirit – which is what this administration would do in a heartbeat were there no consequences – will lead to much pain and hurt here and consequentially around the world. What is done to Israel is done to us all.
  • I am in total agreement with your article and would like to remind you of a previous governmental program that once provided a worldly education and pride in one’s self and our nation. It was called the draft.
  • I overheard my pastor talking to a man who professed to be an atheist that it took more faith than the pastor had to believe in the stuff the atheist did. I think he hit the nail on the head. If there is no God, what are atheists afraid of?
  • I just finished commenting under your article titled, “Atheism is a religion.” Many times over the years, I have expressed that fact and been rebuffed for it by others on all sides of the matter. It’s great to see someone else emphasizing this point for a change.
  • As I look at the headlines, which report all sorts of strange behaviors, and then hear the voices of those who want to normalize all the forms of evil that lack no champions, I have to look hard to see the remnant of true patriots and godly people who are still holding to the course established by the founders of this republic.
  • I have taught government to homeschoolers for 25 years, and almost none of them understood that “we the people” are the sovereign and not the elected officials.
  • Thank you for braving the elements of today’s twisted views and lagging morals by bringing us hope through the truth. We are living in a world spinning out of control.

And last but not least …

  • A man who was a Holocaust survivor was explaining what an American was to him. He said, “You can move to Germany and become a citizen, but that does not make you German. You can move to France and become a citizen, but that does not make you French. You can move to Spain and become a citizen, but that does not make you Spanish. But, you can come to America and become a citizen and you become an American.” He said this with tears in his eyes. I will never forget it.

Have you ever wondered what African-Americans want, and why they vote Democratic? Do you know how slavery actually began in America? Ben Kinchlow’s best-selling book “Black Yellowdogs” breaks race and politics down in black and white. Get your copy today!

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As we conclude our celebrations heralding the arrival of 2016, it may be helpful to review the basis for our celebrations here in the “Good ‘ol USA.”

Based on much of what we get from the mainstream media today, one would be hard pressed to comprehend just how particularly remarkable America is in the annals of mankind. There is not now, nor has there ever been, a national model that equals the United States of America.

It is not simply because the natural resources of America are far more abundant than other countries; the truth is, there are many more abundantly endowed countries. It is also not because our population is large; China and India both have four times our number. It is not because America started out wealthy beyond compare; it started as 13 struggling colonies; essentially, indentured servants to the crown of England. Yet, there are few people who can intelligently argue that there is a greater, richer, more influential country in existence today. In a word, America is a great country!

As we begin a new year, let us be mindful that despite the mainstream media pundits’ endless criticisms, the pontifications of the leftist academicians and the constant belittling by so-called “intellectuals,” there is a reason for America’s greatness. One line in the Declaration of Independence, when properly understood, gives penetrating insight into the basis of American pre-eminence: “Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.

Respect for the individual is at the heart of this great experiment – a democratic republic, not a democracy. We employ a democratic process to elect public servants to represent us and do our bidding, and the power belongs not to the governors, but to the governed.

It was envisioned by the Founders that the governed would be cognizant of their responsibilities as sovereigns entrusted with their own destiny. They not only initially articulated the rights and privileges accorded the citizenry, but added amendments to correct and address any oversights. America was, and is, designed to be a work in progress, with the aim of being operated by those who would benefit by their own participation.

Included among the rights guaranteed these free moral agents – freedom of speech, freedom of the press, religious freedom, freedom of assembly – is the right to petition, and hold accountable, their government for redress should any of these rights be abridged.

I confess, America is not Utopia. But beyond a shadow of doubt, America offers more freedoms to more people than any form of government presently in existence. (Please correct me if I am wrong, but are there queues for members of an “oppressed, maltreated, brutalized” general population trying to get out of America?)

There have been other great experiments in government – the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans and Europeans – and all have experimented with liberty by giving certain classes such as nobles and landowners a measure of self-determination.

Only America has provided for a general self-determination by not just allowing, but requiring its citizenry to elect representatives and determine, via the right to vote, their own fate.

These precious American liberties have been won, and maintained, with great sacrifice. Wars among ourselves and wars against tyrants have all cost American lives. According to several records, 648,000 died in a civil war (more than all other U.S. conflicts combined) to ensure these rights were available to every American. But, as has been said, “Freedom is not free” and the price of liberty is “… eternal vigilance.”

There is today, however, another battle raging. It is a battle against these liberties, a battle not being waged with guns, but with ideas and concepts, and the ideas and concepts that prevail in this struggle will determine the future of America.

Unfortunately, deliberately or by negligence, far too many of us are ignorant of, or have forgotten that the basis for the amazingly successful experiment in human relations, known as America, was crafted from, and rests upon, one of the greatest documents ever written – a document designed not to enslave, but to provide maximum liberty with a minimum of government interference; a document establishing a framework for order that would enable people to freely engage in “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”; a document that did not guarantee happiness itself, but the right to the pursuit of happiness. Today, however, assisted by self-serving individuals and bureaucrats, that right is being modified in an attempt to make it a guarantee.

Our founding documents clearly articulate the concept of an American republic, not a democracy, which is essentially mob rule (check out the French Revolution).

America’s wonderfully unique founding documents are filled with concepts that are found in, and taken from, the greatest document known to mankind. It’s a manuscript that was the inspiration for all the writings that set a small disparate group of individuals on a course that would bring their legacy into a position unparalleled in human history.

This manuscript, the source of the revolutionary ideas of the Founders, recognizes the incredible potential of man for good, while acknowledging his potential for evil, and provides a just, fair and equitable framework for the free exercise of the one while restraining the other.

Today, there are in our land people who would impose a new form of slavery, not with chains and whips, but with legislation and courts.

They have deliberately misrepresented this great manuscript and its message, and it is now being presented not as a document that generates and protects, but one that imposes severe restrictions on our individual liberties.

The document of which I speak is the cornerstone of the great American experiment. It is, above all, a book of liberty.

The question before us now is: Will we continue to live as free moral agents, authorized and empowered by principles that allow us to choose our own destiny, or become the slaves of those among us who would use our own system against us to prevent the American people from remaining sovereigns of our own destiny?

Observe Greece, once hailed as being the foundation of Western civilization, torn apart by riots; Rome, once the mightiest of empires, is now a tourist destination famous primarily for its ruins. Once it was said, “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” And now?

In 1751, Pennsylvania citizens were allowed to participate in their governance and choose their own religion, not a state religion. The colonists cherished this liberty and when, in that year, the speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly ordered a new bell for the state house, he asked for a statement to be inscribed on the bell: “Proclaim liberty throughout the land to all the inhabitants thereof!” May those words be inscribed upon our hearts today, as well! (Incidentally, the bell apparently got the name Liberty Bell from abolitionists who adopted it as their symbol while attempting to outlaw slavery.)

As it hung in the state house, among other things, it rang out at the first reading of the Declaration of Independence. As he left the Constitutional Convention of 1787 in Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin was reportedly approached by a lady who asked, “Well doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin is said to have replied, “A republic, Madame, if we can keep it.”

A republic, indeed – if we can keep it.

Oh, by the way, the statement on the liberty bell is from Leviticus 25:10.

The cornerstone of the American experiment? The basis of all our great founding documents? The Bible.

Have you ever wondered what African-Americans want, and why they vote Democratic? Do you know how slavery actually began in America? Ben Kinchlow’s best-selling book “Black Yellowdogs” breaks race and politics down in black and white. Get your copy today!

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Top 20 Facts About Immigration Crisis Will Shock You

The dialogue in the public square for years now regarding America’s illegal immigration crisis, and all the repercussions we are experiencing from same, has become almost deafening, if not totally mind-numbing. Every conceivable viewpoint is endlessly debated and yet, at this point, the discourse has still rendered no mutually agreeable position to which a majority of Americans can subscribe.

Perhaps a brief, but serious, evaluation of a few unemotional statistics would bring some degree of rational thought to the conversation and maybe even reduce the politically correct nonsense running rampant at every level of American discourse. Our second president, John Adams, once said, “Facts are stubborn things.” Facts can neutralize conflict. Since “the facts of a case” are good enough for our 227-year-old justice system, they should certainly be adequate for honest and fair resolution to this debate on illegal immigration.

The latest terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, where two attackers killed 14 and injured 21, including two police officers at a county employee meeting and Christmas party, brought to mind the following information I read in a recent column written by a friend of mine.

Richard Corbeil, a popular columnist for Florida newspaper The Apopka Chief, recently reported the following, attributed to freelance reporter Tina Griego. The information is, at the least, as the saying goes, “verrrry interesting.”

Here are the stats. You can reach your own conclusions:

1) Eighty percent of Americans demand secure borders and that illegal immigration be stopped.

2) In California, if the 3.5 million illegals were returned to Mexico, a savings of $10.2 billion could be spent on overloaded school systems, bankrupt hospitals and overrun prisons.

3) In Colorado, if a half-million illegals, plus their 300,000 kids and grandkids, would return to Mexico, it would save the state an estimated $2 billion a year (some experts say $7 billion) in schooling, medical, social service and prison costs.

4) As many as 12,000 gang members would vanish out of Denver.

5) Denver public schools would not suffer a 67 percent dropout/flunk rate from illegal alien students speaking 41 different languages.

6) In Florida, 1.5 million departing illegals would return the Sunshine State to the rule of law.

7) In Chicago, 2.1 million departing illegals would free up hospitals, schools, prisons and highways for a safer, more crime-free experience.

8) If 20 million illegals were deported, employers would hire citizens at living wages, resulting in an additional $401 billion in IRS income taxes, with an equal amount for local, state and city coffers.

9) Overcrowded schools with more than 2 million illegals are costing billions in ESL (English as a Second Language classes) and free breakfasts and lunches.

10) As many as 15,000 MS-13 gang members (classified by some as “the most dangerous”) who distribute $30 billion in drugs annually would vacate our country.

11) Over $80 billion would not return to illegals’ home countries by cash transfers.

12) At least 500,000 anchor babies would not be born in our country, costing us $109 billion per cycle.

13) At least 86 hospitals in California, Georgia and Florida would still be operating, not bankrupted out of existence because illegals pay nothing via the EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act). Between $14 billion and $22 billion is spent each year on welfare to illegals.

14) $7.5 billion is spent each year on Medicaid for illegals.

15) $12 billion is spent each year on primary and secondary education for illegal children – and they still can’t speak English.

16) $27 billion is spent each year for educating anchor babies.

17) More than 16 percent of all federal prisoners are illegals.

18) It costs $42 billion each year for illegals getting welfare and social services.

19) Nearly one million sex crimes are committed by illegals in the U.S. every year.

20) A low estimate of the total cost to the U.S. of illegals per year equals $538 billion and growing!

Maybe you can articulate the shock value better than I. Believe it or not, the above information actually left me speechless; all I could do was shake my head. It’s time to make a statement in the voting booth in the next national election.

Have you ever wondered what African-Americans want, and why they vote Democratic? Do you know how slavery actually began in America? Ben Kinchlow’s best-selling book “Black Yellowdogs” breaks race and politics down in black and white. Get your copy today!

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“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

(Sound familiar? I’d bet lunch at a fancy restaurant that a majority of today’s high school and college students could not identify it.)

Donald Trump, the current front-runner in the Republican political field, recently offered a suggestion that has the media, Democrats and even his Republican opponents in an uproar.  Trump suggested that there be a total and complete halt on allowing Muslims to enter America until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.

Charges of Islamic bias, Trump bigotry and anti-Americanism have dominated the news – except for the coverage of the act of terror perpetrated by a Muslim couple in San Bernardino recently.

Isn’t the primary purpose of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense and guarantee American citizens are not subjected to governmental abuses – versus protecting people who deliberately violate the rights and endanger or take the lives of other American citizens?

In today’s politically correct environment, do you think President Jimmy Carter would have been castigated for his ban on visas for Iranian citizens during the Iranian hostage crisis or FDR for prohibiting immigration of Germans, Japanese and Italians during World War II? I don’t recall any such backlash then – but then again, those controlling the media were not the product of leftist-oriented education and media bias.

These murderers are intent on creating as much carnage and taking as many American lives as possible. They are now in possession of the means to create even more chaos and kill additional innocent citizens. Only diligence by law enforcement and a “lucky break” (the bombs didn’t go off) prevented who knows how much more damage San Bernardino (or other places in America) could have suffered.

Something that should be obvious to even the most casual observer is that, until recently, America had been almost exempt from the violence and chaos that has become practically the daily routine in many countries, especially the Middle East.

There are years-long waiting lists of people waiting to legally enter the United States (not to mention 11 million illegals already here). The reason they desire to come here, besides the obvious economic benefits, is because America is unique among the nations of the world. What has made the difference?

We are a nation of laws, which are designed to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. America is, indeed, unique. We have joined with the enemies of liberty throughout the world; we have sent, and continue to send, our young men and women, military, medical and technical assistance, and hundreds of billions in financial aid to fight terrorism worldwide.

On our home shores, Lady Liberty holds the torch of liberty high. Inscribed below is a plaque reading, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Sun Tzu, a Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher who lived in ancient China, author of a classic, “The Art of War,” said, “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” What must be clearly understood by all is, hitherto America has been a friend to be diligently sought and an enemy to be just as diligently avoided.

However, it seems potential enemies are beginning to realize that of late we have become a nation inclined by leftist educators, legislators and jurists toward punishing the innocent to protect the guilty. This even applies to all the politically correct protection the terrorists enjoy when the media refuse to identify them and openly stand against their atrocities.

This should be the message clearly articulated and demonstrated worldwide: America is the land of the free, home of the brave. You attack or invade the U.S. at your own risk.

Perhaps it’s not too late. Perhaps the concept of placing a high value on all lives, and the lives of Americans in particular, is not completely dead. Perhaps it is, once again, a sleeping giant.

Have you ever wondered what African-Americans want, and why they vote Democratic? Do you know how slavery actually began in America? Ben Kinchlow’s best-selling book “Black Yellowdogs” breaks race and politics down in black and white. Get your copy today!

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Let there be no doubt: In the “war on terror,” a war for world hegemony is raging. And absent a divine intervention of almost biblical proportions, or the sudden stiffening of the West’s backbone, which may also require divine intervention, this clash of civilizations will almost certainly lead to a nuclear conflagration.

Is there a non-military, non-life threatening solution? I believe there is. Many have spoken of political, military, economic and even media strategies as resolutions. I believe there’s another element – the human element.

Edmund Burke, an 18th-century political philosopher, said: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.” To paraphrase Mr. Burke, the failure of good people to vigorously oppose evil ultimately allows evil to triumph.

Let me briefly address the aforementioned “human element.”

In pre-World War II Germany, all Germans were not Nazis. The Nazis began as a relatively small political party founded by an ex-con, Adolf Hitler. Estimates are that at his peak, no more than 40 percent voted for him. The majority of people in Germany were hard working and industrious, the backbone of German society – “the good people.”

In pre-World War II Japan, all Japanese were not imperialists or kamikazes. Many did not necessarily hold to the idea that it was Japan’s ultimate destiny to rule the world. They were “the good people.”

In Italy, under Mussolini, all Italians were not fascists; they were merchants, farmers and housewives. They did not feel their only purpose was to uphold the state. They were “the good people.”

Many Americans opposed Hitler’s designs on the world, but they believed the U.S. shouldn’t interfere in European affairs. They weren’t traitors; they were doctors, teachers, ministers and rabbis – “the good people.”

At the march on Washington in August 1963, just prior to the “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr., then-president of the American Jewish Congress, Rabbi Joachim Prinz, expelled from Germany at the onset of Jewish persecution, made this powerful statement:

“When I was the rabbi of the Jewish community in Berlin under the Hitler Regime, I learned many things. The most important thing that I learned under those tragic circumstances was that bigotry and hatred are not the most urgent problem. The most urgent, the most disgraceful, the most shameful, and the most tragic problem – is silence. A great people which had created a great civilization had become a nation of silent onlookers. They remained silent in the face of hate, in the face of brutality, and in the face of mass murder.”

Silence, we are reminded, is golden; but silence is also consent.

Emperor Hirohito of Japan, Il Duce, Mussolini, or Der Fuhrer, Hitler, could not have killed six million Jews and ravaged much of the world without an extremely important element: the silence of, the collaboration of, the moderates – “the good people.”

The Klan could not have operated openly in the South without the tacit approval, ergo silence, of “the good people.” “But,” they protest, “We did not collaborate!” But did they speak up?

In World War II Germany, if you lived near a huge something or other where trainloads of people came in but none went out, and smokestacks belched black smoke from furnaces 24 hours a day, wouldn’t you wonder what went on there? Didn’t these moderates, “the good people” of Germany, wonder what happened to their Jewish neighbors who suddenly disappeared? Did they ask?

During the slave era in America, every white American was not a racist or slave owner; more than 360,000 Union soldiers died in the Civil War as testimony to that truth. Every white person in America did not participate in lynching; every German citizen did not help gas Jews; not every Russian participated in the pogroms; nor every Chinese citizen in the communist purges of Chairman Mao. Yet evil reigned supreme. Why?

The moderates, the pacifists, the silent “good people” may not have participated in this evil. They may have even had passionate discussions about it among themselves. In private, they may have been adamantly opposed to it, but their failure to vigorously and publicly oppose it with words and actions ultimately allowed evil to triumph.

We now fast-forward to 2015. Mass killings of “the infidel” by Muslim terrorists are tearing apart the fabric of Western culture with the explicit, avowed aim to subjugate and murder those who don’t worship Muhammad and their God, Allah.

Political correctness is lending more weight to the advancement of this ideology than a rational mind can fathom.

Moderate Muslims have proclaimed with real, or feigned, anger that these extremists have hijacked the real Islam – the “religion of peace.” If the moderate Muslims – “the good people” – trulybelieve their “religion of peace” has been hijacked by extremist elements that do not represent the teachings of the prophet and of Islam, why don’t they step forward and speak up?

We saw celebrations across the Muslim world when the twin towers fell. We saw people threatened with death over a cartoon. We see Christian churches specifically targeted by Muslim forces; young girls abducted, raped and murdered; beheadings and burnings that defy imagination. The tirade we see in their videos and the merciless slaughter of innocents is gaining momentum at the speed of light. I ask, where is the Islamic condemnation of these activities?

Why don’t we hear impassioned speeches or see massive protests in the street by Muslims – who claim it is a “religion of peace” – speaking out against these acts of terrorism? Why don’t they call out terrorists as “terrorists”? Why don’t they?!

Ask yourself: When was the last time you saw a moderate Muslim nation, group or even an individual Muslim speak out vigorously and publicly to condemn these radical extremists’ terrorist activities?

If only 15-20 percent (or fewer) of Muslims are radical extremists, then why won’t the other 80-85 percent (or more) stand up and publicly condemn these rogue hijackers and the nations or individuals that sponsor or commit acts of terrorism? Why won’t they?

Silence may be golden, but pastor Martin Niemöller, an early supporter of Hitler, who later came to oppose the Nazis and was imprisoned at Dachau, pointed out that silence can be deadly. This truth is powerfully illustrated in statement written by him and inscribed at the New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston, Massachusetts:

They came first for the communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a protestant.
Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.

Have you ever wondered what African-Americans want, and why they vote Democratic? Do you know how slavery actually began in America? Ben Kinchlow’s best-selling book “Black Yellowdogs” breaks race and politics down in black and white. Get your copy today!

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Holding the Line in Support of the Law

Once again, a shooting by a police officer is headline news. The actual shooting was shown on national TV, and a Chicago police officer has now been charged with first-degree murder for the death of a black teenager. Predictively, the cries of “racist cops!” are deafening, and the incessant media coverage has precipitated the growth of endless protesters in the Chicago streets.

Let me be perfectly clear: Almost any death from unnatural causes is tragic, and the episode is magnified when the victim is relatively young. My deepest sympathies go out to the parents of the dead young man, as I have lost loved ones who had not lived out their lives – thankfully none to violence, but an unexpected death always generates shock and great sorrow.

I want to point out that the only reason I am not in prison, or dead, today is because an “accident” prevented me from being where I had intended to be. For most of the ’60s, I was known as “Malcolm Z” because of my commitment and adherence to the teachings of Malcolm X and the Black Muslims. (I have not always been a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.) In fact, I have been arrested (but not booked) in my home town, stopped by police in six different states and rescued by the Air Police from Libyan police in Tripoli.

Some of these arrests occurred in the North, but most in the Deep South during the days when segregation was the law of the land; and, almost all cops then were white. In none of the occurrences, not one, was my life threatened or was I physically abused – all for a very simple reason: I did what the police said to do, when they said it.

I realize that is hard for some folks to comprehend, but when they said, “Halt!” I halted. When they said, “Show me your hands,” I did. When they said, “Lean against the car, hands on the roof,” I did it. (I confess that probably sounds inconceivable to anyone who hangs out in ‘da hood today.)

Now, however, the attitude toward police oversight has dramatically changed from the good ol’ days. Now it’s:

  • “Even if I am guilty, am I obligated to be busted if I’m not in the mood?”
  • “Even if I disagree with the cop’s suspicion of guilt, I’m supposed to let the man bust me?”
  • “After all, I didn’t do anything all that bad!”
  • “Besides, I’m sick of white cops telling me what is right or wrong!”
  • “Nobody’s gonna tell me what to do!”

Apparently, these days you don’t have to obey the police if you don’t feel like it; consequently, we are reaching a stage that is having profound ramifications for the relationships between the police (our protectors) and the populace.

Consider this: As “unreported” by the “unbiased” media, there is a rising crime rate in Chicago. There have been more than 2,140 shootings in Chicago this year and more than 400 homicides. Eighty percent of the victims were black (including 45 shootings this past week), and only one by a police officer.


  • Distress calls from predominately black area codes are automatically routed to the phone numbers of Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson or other “civil rights” leaders’ centers.
  • Ferguson, St. Louis, Chicago and other cities with predominately black ‘hoods establish “white cop no-go zones.” Only black cops would enter those neighborhoods.
  • If no black cops are available, the residents handle the situation, or wait until one shows up.

The freedom to live in a safe and secure country is at almost as much risk from an out-of-control citizenry as from any foreign invader, if not more so. It is a serious thing to play political games with our agreed-upon rule of law. Political correctness will eventually show itself for the evil it is if we don’t govern ourselves and learn to exercise brain over brawn.

This new idea that some people have the right to defy the law will inevitably lead to anarchy in the streets of all our cities unless we are willing to hold the line in support of that law and stand down the perpetrators.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. warned Aug. 28, 1963: “In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence.”

Have you ever wondered what African-Americans want, and why they vote Democratic? Do you know how slavery actually began in America? Ben Kinchlow’s best-selling book “Black Yellowdogs” breaks race and politics down in black and white. Get your copy today!

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The only source of our liberty and happiness

Many people today are still mourning the tragic death of almost 130 people in Paris, France – with 352 others wounded, 99 of them critically, by Muslim terrorists. Eighty-nine people were murdered in cold blood by attackers wearing suicide vests and armed with assault rifles; according to some reports, the killers shouted “Allahu Akbar!” (“God is great!”) in the process.

Good, or evil?

Good: morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious: satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree:
a good teacher; good health; of high quality; excellent; right; proper; fit; well-behaved; kind, beneficent, or friendly; honorable or worthy; profit or advantage; excellence or merit; kindness; moral righteousness; virtue.

Evil: morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked; harmful; injurious; misfortune or suffering; unfortunate; disastrous; anger, irritability, irascibility; evil quality, intention, or conduct; the wicked or immoral part of someone or something; harm; mischief; misfortune; causing injury or harm.

In 1971, hundreds of thousands of women were raped during the Bangladesh Liberation War. Pakistani Muslim soldiers publicly and repeatedly gang-raped and tortured Muslim (future Bangladeshi) women. At the time, many of the women killed themselves or, if pregnant, their families killed them in honor killings. Forty years later, those who survived are still traumatized and shamed by what was done to them. Many were humiliated by their relatives, rejected by their husbands.

Good, or evil?

From 1992 on, Islamic paramilitary troops enslaved young Muslim girls in Algeria both sexually and domestically; they just grabbed them off the streets. If they tried to escape, they would be shot dead; the same was true when they became pregnant.

And then there was 2004, in Sudan, a long and ugly war, in which ethnic Arab Muslims engaged in gender cleansing when they publicly and repeatedly gang-raped mainly black African Muslim, Christian and animist women, and Western governments did nothing.

As many of you know, some sects of Islam permit men to buy and marry girls as young as nine years old. Neither is it evil to murder captives taken in a war against unbelievers, as evidenced by facts revealed in news reports regarding ISIS activities in the Middle East.

Good, or evil?

Any of the aforementioned activities would be roundly condemned by 99 percent of those born and raised under the precepts of Western Civilization. This is not an attack on Islam or Muslims; it is merely an extension of my question: How do you ascertain whether a thing is good or evil?

If it is something like spelling or defining a word, a dictionary solves that; if it is traveling, highway signs and speed limits determine that issue; if it’s the right or wrong-size shoe, a try-on solves that.

But suppose it is an issue that deals with what we commonly refer to as “morality.” In the West, we have laws against certain actions – stealing, murder, rape, perjury, breaking and entering – and most of the people reading this would agree that these are wrong. Why? Because they are “against the law”?

But what are those laws based on? Who determines it? Who or what decides the “good” or “evil” of an action? Is everyone free to make their own individual determinations of good and evil? If I think it’s alright to kill someone with whom I disagree, is that OK? If so, why? Based on what? Is it a matter of opinion? Who determines and establishes laws, and what are they based on?

Western Civilization, by any impartial standard of judgment, is a unique experiment. Why? Because in the West in general (and the U.S. in particular), we have extraordinary forms of government that are based on transcendent principles – principles found in the Bible.

The Bible is not a religious book. The transcendent principles found therein are the only thing, when properly observed, that transcend man’s individual interpretation of good and evil, thereby making the way for the remarkable God-ordained liberties experienced by the free world.

Have you ever wondered what African-Americans want, and why they vote Democratic? Do you know how slavery actually began in America? Ben Kinchlow’s best-selling book “Black Yellowdogs” breaks race and politics down in black and white. Get your copy today!

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